Q.  What entrance should I use and where do I park for packet pick up and late registration on Saturday?

A. You will enter off of W. Long Lake Road through the main gate.  Packet pick up and late registration location is in the building to your right as you enter the property.  Parking is abundant.

Q.  What entrance should I use and where do I park on race day?

A. White Chapel’s main entrance on Long Lake Road will be closed on race day morning, September 11th. Enter via the Crooks Road entrance. Volunteers will direct you to parking near the start line.

Q. I’m not sure if  I can make it.  Will there be late and race-day registration?

A. Yes, We will have in-person registration on Saturday, September 10 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM and race-day registration the morning of Sunday, September 11 from 7:00 to 8:30 AM.

See Registration page for more information on times and location.

Q. I’m registered but can’t run. Can I get a refund?

A. No.  Sorry you can’t make it this year.  We have a no refund policy other than for active Military who have been called to duty.

Q.  Can I switch categories?

A.  Yes.  You can switch your category, contact Sharon@goodboyevents.com or at the race.

Q.  Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

A. Yes.  We offer that service.  Please  send the information to Sharon@goodboyevents.com

Q.  I’m a slow runner.  Can I start early so that I cross the finish line by midnight?

A. No.  We do not have an early start for slow runners. You will still be able to finish.

Q.  How long will the crew be at the finish line?

A. The finish line crew will be gone at 11:15 AM (approx)   We will be in the park until around 1:00 PM.

Q.  Will this event sell out?

A.  I wouldn’t wait to register.  We never know when we’ll fill up.

Q.  Can I walk the  5K?

A.  Yes, you can walk the 5K. Be considerate of the 5K and 10K runners by letting them start first.

Q.  Can I run with my child in a stroller?

A. Yes, to children in strollers, however you must start at the back of the pack. Please be considerate of other runners and walkers around you.

Q.  Can I run with my dog?

A.  No. WE LOVE our animals but not everyone else does.  Please do NOT bring Fido or Fluffy to the race. You will not be permitted to have them on the course.

Q.  Can someone else pick up my packet?

A.  Yes, we allow others to pick up packets.  Actually we prefer that they do.  It shortens the lines.

Q.  Do you have a bag check area?

A.  No need.  Anywhere you park is close to the start line.

Q.  When will our times be posted?

A.  All times will be posted immediately at the timing tent and at http://www.fstiming.com.

Q. What happens if my results do not show up on the list?

A. To make sure your results are captured, wear your bib on the front of your shirt or leg. Do not fold or cover it.  If your results are not on the list, contact bfairchil@gmail.com.

Q.  What if I win an award?  Will you mail it to me?

A.  Yes but we charge a fee.  Awards times are posted on this website.  The top-finishers medals are worth the wait and there will be plenty of beverages and food to enjoy after you’re done.

Q.  Can I switch my shirt size?

A.  Yes, but not until after the race is over. We have ordered according to your registration and will have only a few left over.

Q.  Can my family come to watch?

A.  Absolutely.  We’d love them to join us on race day.

Q. Can I donate even if I’m not participating?

A. We welcome all donations.  The instructions are on our Donation/Charity Information page.

Q. Where are the porta potties?

A. The porta potties are near the start/finish line.

Q. Is there a medical tent?

A. Yes, there will be a med tent at the registration area with a limited first aid kit.

Q. Are there aid stations on the course?

A. Yes, there are two stations serving water. Both stations are serviced by the Blue Star Moms.

Q. Will the course be marked?

A. Yes – There will be red arrow signs marking the turns PLUS the streets will have yellow arrows marking the turns.  There will also be many volunteers with green vests directing runners. 

 NEW FOR 2022:  The course will be marked with orange traffic cones and red, white and blue tape BLOCKING streets/avenues not to be used and blocking runners from wrong turns. There is a lead vehicle for the first lap or 3.1 miles. Runners will not be confused!

Q. Tell me more about the course, please!

A. The 5K course is a 3.1-mile loop around White Chapel grounds on pavement. There will be a vehicle leading the runners for the first 3.1 miles.  The 5K runners finish under the red inflatable start/finish line.  The 10K runners will “loop” at the flagpole in front of the inflatable and head out for their second loop. The second loop is the same as the first loop. The 10k finishes under the red inflatable after 2-laps

Q. Will finishers receive a medal?

A. We will be honored to place “dog-tags” medals on finishers as they crossed the finish line (and give them a bottle of water).

Q. Is this course hilly?

A. No – this course is very flat and very fast.

Q. Can we use headsets or i-pods?

A. Absolutely! The course is completely closed to vehicle traffic.

Q. Tell me again, what is your charity?

A. The White Chapel Patriots Race will again benefit The Michigan Wounded & Returning Warriors Program (MW&RWP). A 501(C)3 and a part of the American Legion family of organizations supporting veterans. MW&RWP has several successful programs for veterans and their families.