IMPORTANT NOTE – White Chapel’s main entrance on Long Lake Road will be closed on race day morning, September 11th. Enter via the Crooks Road entrance.

There will be a moment of silence at 9:03 am in memory of the 9/11 Tower 2 attack.

10K & 5K Run/Walk: 9:04 AM

There is a time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish the 10K event and a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the 5K event.

1M Run/Walk: 9:40 AM

There is a time limit of 1 hour to finish this event.

The finish line will come down at 11:15 AM

If you are not able to complete the 10K or 5K courses within the allotted times, you can turn in your time to bfairchil@gmail.com.

Aid Station –   Furnished with water and a first aid kit.


Please follow these steps to ensure your time registers accurately –
Race number should be pinned, horizontally on the OUTSIDE of any clothing on the FRONT, below your chest and as close to the waist as possible. Water carriers or gel packs near the number can also affect the read. Wearing the number visibly on the front will ensure a finish time even if the equipment fails due to video back up.


There’s going to be plenty of free parking available.  Our amazing volunteers are there to help you find a spot.  It will be busy, so don’t wait until the last minute to arrive.


The Patriots Race will be delayed or canceled if any of the following weather conditions exist:

Tornado Warning or Watch, Thunderstorm Warning, Severe Rain and or Extreme Wind.

Delay: The start of the any of the events can be delayed up to one hour if any of the above mentioned conditions exist.

Cancellation: The events will be canceled if any of the above mentioned weather conditions still exist at the end of the 1 hour delay period. Although unlikely, other conditions such as extreme heat could also cause the race to be canceled.

Authority to Cancel the Race – The Race Director and local law enforcement have the exclusive authority to cancel any of the events. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, since funds are already spent in preparation for Race Day.

If for any reason the race is cancelled during the race, notification will be given to  aid station personnel. They will inform runners of conditions as best they can of the situation. Once the event is officially cancelled, it will not be restarted. Runners may choose to continue to complete the course at their discretion and at their own risk, but results and times will not be recorded or posted.


Unfortunately Registration Fees cannot be refunded or deferred for any reason, other than for those who are active military and have to report to duty. We do offer the option of a transfer to another category or to another person.   If you have any questions, please contact sharon@goodboyevents.com